Singing Bowl Chakra Set

Singing Bowl Chakra Set


Singing bowl chakra set is the set of 7 instruments. This is the set of 7 allurings on chakra set. The chakra set is a musical mediation instrument when played on a certain frequency activates the chakras and helps to flow the energy inside the human body.

The singing bowl of this set is about 2.75 to 5.00 ” in diameter and they weigh about 2800 grams together. Singing bowl chakra set produces rich, harmonic, and soothing sound. They can be played very easily and the sound produced by singing bowl chakra set lasts for a long time.

When all 7 sets are put together then they produce energetic and vibrating sound, which is based on stress-free relaxation. Every singing bowl from the set are painted with their associated chakra colors and are craved with the individual chakra symbols.

Singing bowl are widely used for religious purposes. Apart from the religious output, they are also used for mediation, music, relaxation, personal well-being, and chakra creation.

Singing Bowl Chakra set and Human body chakras

Chakra note: all the 7 chakras of singing bowl chakra set are symbols of 7 different colors. Professionals of the health sector, professionals of teaching, musicians use them widely, and so on. The singing bowl is used in health sectors by psychotherapists, massage therapists, during the diagnosis of cancer, and stress- mediation specialist.

Teachers and musicians concentrate their students and produce soothing sound in songs respectively use chakra set.

Apart from this, the 7-colored chakra set can also be used for post-traumatic stress disorder. They are popular in the classroom as it helps to facilitate group activities and increases the focus of the students.

Besides, these singing bowl chakra sets can also be used to relive energy and to delete all the unnecessary thoughts from our minds.

A set of 7 bowls are handmade articles. The locals of Nepal handcraft these. Chakra set includes 7 different singing bowls with 7 different mallets (striker) and cushions (pillows). As they are, handcrafted there can be slight variations in measurements. The approximate measurements of the sets are listed here.

Please note: Because they are handcrafted, each one may be slightly varied.


Diameter: The diameter of singing bowls of this set ranges from 2.25 to 5 inches. but for different purposes size might be changed.

Height: its height ranges from two to 3 inches. But different for bigger.

Weight: The singing bowl set will weigh around 3000 – 3200 grams with mallet and cushions.

Features of singing bowl chakra set

  1. The 7 chakras set symbolize all the 7 chakras of the human body
  2. They serve as a beautiful spiritual gift.
  3. They consist of 7 playing mallet and soft silk resting cushions.
  4. They are tested and experimented with by professionals.
  5. Singing bowl chakra set produces a highly enriching sound that lasts for a long period.
  6. Apart from activating human body chakra, they are also responsible for pain healing and stress management.

Singing bowl chakra sets are generally made up of bronze. Each bowl represents chakras of the human body. So playing all the 7 singing bowl chakra sets will heal all the 7 chakras of the human body.

The chakra set creates ambiance in the environment and clears the wind with resonance. This in turn generates a meditative and peaceful environment. Because of which all the toxins present in our body disappear and helps us to feel content.

Singing bowl chakra sets are very popular as they represent ancient times and they can be used as a decorating article. They are aesthetic bowls and carry high religious importance. This is the reason why they are so popular.

Relationship of Singing Bowl, Prayer Bell, And Conch Shell

Relationship of Singing Bowl, Prayer Bell, And Conch Shell


So many people are somehow familiar with singing bowls now but prayer bell and conch shell can be a new thing for them. Prayer bells are a bell, which is rung to call people to prayer, a church bell, and for religious service. Conch shells are the religious musical instrument, which is prepared by cutting a hole in the spire of the conch outer covering.

In Buddhism the conch, shell represents the penetrating sound of dharma. Conch shells are decorated with a striking pattern of leaves and mantra, Om Mani Padme Hum. Sometimes a mouthpiece is used to blow sound from it but in general, conch shells are blown without a mouthpiece.

Conch shell amazing sound for healing

Singing bowls are a wonderful way to enrich spiritual practice. It has been used for healing purposes and meditation for so long. They are played by striking its side by a mallet. Singing bowls are made up of seven metals and each represents heavenly bodies.

Prayer bells are the cylindrical wheel made from metal, wood, leather, or stone which is used for religious purposes. The sound produced from prayer bells is considered auspicious which welcomes divine and positive energy.

History and origin of singing bowl, prayer bells, and conch shells

Singing bowls, prayer bells, and conch shells have a mysterious past and not much is known about their origin. Their existence took place long before modern civilization has started. They were said to be originated over 5,000 years ago.

Singing bowls, prayer bells, and conch shells origin are added to historical ambiguity. All these 3 are considered a very important part of the culture. Later in the modern era they got Popular for their deep music and relaxing sound. They all are traditionally based music producing devices, which represent the heavenly enlightened voice of god and goddess.

Lingam Tibetan singing bowlconch-shell-rituals-of-nepal

Relationship between singings bowls, prayer bell, and conch shells

All three of these sound-producing objects are directly or indirectly related to each other. They all have high importance in the religious field. Apart from this, singing bowl, prayer bells, and conch shells are used to create a positive atmosphere. The monks used to pray or mediate using these instruments. All three of these instruments are widely known for producing deep religious sound.

They are used on different occasions for creating a religious and positive atmosphere. Singing bowl, prayer bells, and conch shells are generally used by Hindus and Buddhists but nowadays every religion is being attracted to all these musical instruments. Singing bowl, prayer bells, and conch shells are made by Tibetan artists and all of this varies in sizes, shapes, and weight. They are made up of varied metal finish so there can be a difference in their cost.

prayer bells-hindu-rituals

 What do the singing bowl, prayer bell, and conch shells symbolize?

Singing bowls are the ancient brain entertainment methodology for healing and meditation. They symbolize spirituality and healing. The music from Tibetan bowls generally indicates relaxation.

Prayer bells have a deep symbolic meaning that is associated with mind and consciousness. The sound produced from the bell is considered very auspicious and is believed to eliminate evilness bringing divinity.

Conch shells are the Buddhism auspicious symbol, which indicates truth speech and strength. In Hinduism, it is the weapon of mermaids and fairies. Conch shells are a spiritual symbol that has been used in many cultures for so long.

All three of these are interrelated, as all of these are an important part of the culture and are regarded as a very important instrument for the conduction of any religious activities.


Singing bowls, prayer bells, and conch shells have been used for centuries to promote stillness and relaxation. They are widely used for healing and meditation purposes.

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls


Quartz crystal singing bowls are excellent tools for sound healing work, meditation and music. Quartz crystal singing bowl produces rich, sonorous and healing sound.

They are made up of highest purity quartz crystal, which are more than 99.99% pure. The sound from it is not only heard by our ears but our whole body can feel it’s vibrations. Crystal singing bowls are the excellent tool for mediation and sound healing purposes.

Generally, the sound from crystal singing bowls are beautiful, clear, deep and rich in vibrations. They provide an amazing resonance around the people. Using quartz crystal singing bowls for healing will allow us to respond more quickly to critical situation and helps to take the right decision.

History of Quartz crystal singing bowls

crystal singing bowl in Nepal

Quartz crystal singing bowls began their journey in the ancient time of Buddhism. It is believed that quartz crystal singing bowls were an integral part of Buddhism.

They are not the invention of long time before. Where other type of singing bowls are crafted using different metals, they are crafted with expensive crystals and gems. This requires complex manufacturing process and that is the reason why they are expensive.

crystal bowl are made up of natural element that is pure quartz. The crystals are heated at 4000 degrees to provide them shape. During the making process of quartz crystal singing bowls, it is very important to consider the tone, which it is going to produce.

Details of Quartz Crystal Singing bowls

 Quartz crystal singing bowls have a unique subtle beauty as they are constructed of the finest quartz crystal. Crystals plays a key role in this type of singing bowl because of crystalline composition.

Therefore, our body will react to its sound quickly and favourably than any other type of healing sound. One of the reason to believe in quartz crystal singing bowls is they are made up of crystalline structure. These bowls are completed with a frosted white finish decorated with a beautiful luminescent shimmer.

crystal singing bowl

Creative lighting in it enhances the beauty of quartz crystal singing bowl. As they are made up of fine and purest crystal, so they are expensive in comparison to normal singing bowls.

For all the reasons above, it is believed that quartz crystal singing bowls significantly affects all the organs and the cells of our body. In addition, it is believed that the sound from quartz crystal singing bowls changes the state of consciousness in brain and brings out positive energy.

More on Crystal Bowl…

Quartz crystal singing bowls contain seven different rainbow colours, which stimulate seven different energy centres of our body. They help the listener to heal by passing pure light into human aura. Some research cleared that crystal singing bowls are way beneficial than normal types of singing bowls.

Further, it is believed that the sound from crystal singing bowls can match the frequency of human body so it can heal humans with great ease. This property of quartz crystal singing bowl makes it one of the dynamic and modern tool for healing. Therefore, quartz crystal singing bowls are considered the best singing bowls.

There are so many types of quartz crystal singing bowls in the market now but among all ‘ frosted ‘ crystal singing bowls are very popular. These types of singing bowls are heaviest, largest and loudest of all.

They are also considered affordable in price. Its price ranges from $600-$3000. They provide most deep vibrations because of its heaviest and largest rims. Vibrations produced by then sustain for a long period. All the quartz crystal singing bowls are uniquely pattered and designed which makes the bowls so alluring and strong at the same time.

Types of Singing Bowl

Types of Singing Bowl

Types of Singing Bowl

Singing bowls are the aesthetic handmade singing bowls, which helps for healing physical, mental, and spiritual stability. Some researchers have identified that there are almost 50 types of singing bowl. However, out of these 50 types of antique singing bowls, only seven or eight types of basic singing bowls are popular. Each of the Singing bowls is distinguished by their unique characteristic shape and sound. Each part of the singing bowl is handcrafted and the types of singing bowl are different therefore they can be a little expensive

Some machine-made singing bowls are also emerging out in the market and they are a little cheaper than handmade singing bowls. Some bowls authorities have assigned their names for the singing bowls. Here are some of the major types of singing bowl:

Thadobati Tibetan singing bowls

Thadobati a types singing bowl

They are one of the oldest types of the singing bowl with a mark of dating back to at least 15th century. Thadobati Tibetan singing bowls are numerous and are not that expensive in comparison to other types of the singing bowl. As they are not so expensive, so they are the priority of buyers. However, the quality of the thadobati singing bowl varies considerably.

Thadobati singing bowls are defined as having almost straight high-sided walls with a wide flat bottom. Their diameter is little less than the rim. Walls can both be thick or thin, but they are seldom graduated. Heavy bowls often have wider and thicker lips whereas the lip is usually plain in small and medium type singing bowls. The outer wall of thadobati singing bowls has a decorative fringe of sun motifs arranged as downward-facing triangles. Their price ranges from £50- £750. They weigh around 1.25 kg.

Jambati Tibetan singing bowl

Jambati singing bowl types

Jambati Tibetan singing bowls are the largest and heaviest type of singing bowls. They are arguably the most beautiful bowls. Quite high and gracefully curved walls characterize this beautiful singing bowl. In some jambati singing bowls, the lip is merely the sheared top of the wall and does not turn inward. As they are very large in shape and size, so they need almost 3 or 4 highly skilled craftsmen to make them.

Jambati singing bowls are handcrafted so they always have attractive hammer markings arising from the forging process. Most of the jambati singing bowls are recorded from the 17th century. They have a small flat bottom and a wide plain. Jambati singing bowls are capable to produce very enriching and wonderfully low sound with a long sustain. Medium size of jambati singing bowls can be held into our hands and be played but the larger ones are kind of heavy so they are played by resting the bowl in a mat or a cushion as they can’t be held in our hand.

To play this bowl, one should be very skilled because they are a little complex than other types of the singing bowl. Apart from producing music, a very large type of jambati singing bowl is also used to store grains. Their price varies from £400- £5500. They are usually of 1kg – 6.5kg.

Naga pedestal singing bowls

Naga pedestal singing bowls

Naga pedestal singing bowls are forged into two parts: the bowl itself and a circular metal band upon which the bowl is permanently mounted. The bowl is kind of mounted and cannot stand without the support of the metal band. The lip of the Naga singing bowls are usually plain but maybe grooved on thicker and heavier bowls. Their walls are usually plain. They give a very good response and a sonorous sound when played.

Naga singing bowls are played around its rim rather than struck. They are very easy to play in comparison to other bowls. The notes from Naga bowls are quite often of concert pitch. Its portable size attracts the buyer. This can easily be transported from one place to another with great ease. Naga bowls have a diameter of 5cm – 20 cm and a height of 10cm – 25 cm. Their price ranges from £100- £800.

Mani singing bowls

Mani singing bowls


Mani singing bowls are distinguished by their strong physical presence, a powerful voice that they produce, and a healing sound. They have a unique and unusual sound and their shape and size hardly vary from one type to another. They are heavy flat-bottomed bowls with conical walls with lips wider and inward facing. The sound produced by Mani singing bowls is very distinctive.

The decoration of Mani singing bowls are limited to a grooved lip, small concentric circles, and few bands of incised lines. Their walls are smooth inside and out. Some of the Mani singing bowls can be slow to get going but most of them are easy to play. To add more beauty to these bowls, the walls of Mani bowls are tapped. The diameter of the bowl is around 4-9 inches and the height of the bowl ranges from 2-5 inches. The price of Mani singing bowls is approximately £800.

Lingam Tibetan singing bowl


Lingam Tibetan singing bowl

Lingam Tibetan singing bowls are the rarest of all types of singing bowls. They are one of the oldest types with some dating back to at least 16th century. They are used to produce music and to heal disorders of the body. The lingam Tibetan singing bowls produce a pure type of sound. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes but they usually have a low framed profile. The smallest size of the lingam Tibetan singing bowl is around 4 cm. They are used in ceremonies to welcome mysticism and fortune.

The basic shape of the lingam-singing bowl is very low shallowed with a protrusion in the center of the bowl. They have a bold lip with flat bottom naval. The sound produced from them is very special, sweet, and sonorous. They have massive aesthetic appeal and they are very difficult to find in the market. As they are rare, their price is always rocketed in the market. Their price ranges from £600- £5000. Lingams are always decorated with few decorative lines just below the rim on the outer wall. Few of them have a fountain ability.

The shape and size of the bowls contribute much to the quality and are chosen for attraction. There are so many types of singing bowls but the above-mentioned are the most popular and advanced types of singing bowls.

Singing Bowl Chakra Set

How To Choose Chakra Set Of Singing Bowls 


One of the difficult task in the singing bowl is how to choose chakra set of the singing bowl with an exact chakra sound. Which we are going to solve in this article. The human ecosystem is not just about the physical body but something more than that. The human body is a five-layer of existence (Pancha Kosh). Our chakras are part of the etheric body (Pranamaya Kosh).

Chakra set of singing bowls are the group of healing crystals that helps to calm and unblock all the chakras of the human system. At one end, the chakras integrate with our physical body, and at another end; they integrate with our minds and emotions.

where can i buy singing bowl in nepal

Singing bowl chakra set can relax every part of our body. While it natural to become involved with seven chakras, but in the end, we need to realize each singing bowl not only provides only one notes but also often provides multiple harmonics. Here we are listing some tips on how to choose chakra set of singing bowl:

Tips on how to choose chakra set

Choosing a chakra set of a singing bowl can be confusing sometimes. Therefore, here are some tips on how to choose chakra set of singing bowls:

  1. Classify each bowl based on the sound they produce that is low, medium, and high-frequency sound. Pick a bowl considering root, heart, and crown and other chakra bowls.
  2. All the seven chakras of the singing bowl have seven different sounds from root to crown. The sounds of chakra singing bowl c, d,e,f,g, a, and b. Teachers from an ancient time set up singing bowls in a pattern where the intervals between the notes corresponding to the chakras are fifth apart.
  3. While taking training, discuss some time with your teachers on how to choose the pure singing bowl, from where you will get more ideas on how to choose it.
  4. We need to choose the pure a to g sound for a better chakra set. To do it we need to check the chakra set. However, so many apps for checking it may not be 100% accurate so it has better you will choose on your own.
  5. Feel the energy produced by the singing bowls. You will know when you get it “right ” or “perfect”. The right key to choose a singing bowl is to listen and feel, and experience.
  6. When you experience a tone that energizes your physical being than start considering its size. The size of the chakra set singing bowl should be handy. For personal use and Might be big for the training purpose.

  7. Each bowl has a detail page so read the instructions very well and make a choice.
  8. The design of the chakra set singing bowl is an important part to grab attention so consider its design also.
  9. Chakra set of singing bowls comes in a wide variety of shapes and each of them has a different price. On a debate on how to choose a chakra set of the singing bowl, price range plays a great role. Beware of cheap old bowls.
  10. Do not expect the singing bowls to be in pristine condition. They can be made 100’s of years ago and may not be in use. It will certainly show some signs of aging and wear.
  11. Another important point to remember to solve this question: how to choose a chakra set singing bowl is to be clear that for what purpose you want this.

Final Words on How to choose Singing Bowl

Chakra set singing bowls are handmade antiques that offer “delighted treaty”. These bowls sing very easily and produce rich, harmonic, and soothing sound. The sound produced by the chakra set of singing bowls lasts for a long period. When all the bowls of singing bowl chakra set are kept together and played then they produce energetic and stress-free vibrations. But however, in some part, you need to trust the person you buying singing bowl and ask him how to choose the better singing bowl, sometimes they give good clue.

Playing them is not as difficult as choosing one. All the seven-chakra set defines particular chakras of our body. Using a mallet and a cushion, you can easily play the singing bowl. When the mallet is struck into the outer surface of the singing bowl then a rich, powerful sound is produced. You can adjust the frequency and intensity as per your wish.

Chakra sets of the singing bowl are very beneficial. After you got an idea of how to choose, a chakra set of the singing bowl and to play it you can easily be benefited. They are widely used to reduce stress and anxiety, for calming mind and body, meditation purpose, and especially for music generation.