Gong Training In Nepal

Gong Training In Nepal

The healing sound from gong is the therapeutic application of the sound and related sound tools in order to heal and to promote well-being. Sound from the gong produces a nurturing and transformational space at our body, mind, and spirit. Our gong training in Nepal gives you complete knowledge about gong how to play, how to meditate, how to do therapy, how to heal with gong ect.

As gong’s sound is very beneficial for a physical being so the training for playing gong is getting hype nowadays.  The gong training in Nepal is slowly being very popular among people because the deep sound produced by gong are actually very refreshing.

Gong Healing and Training in Nepal

Known as the symbol of mysticism and fortune, the sound of the gong gives the body a sonic massage. Gong is also very popular for mediation. Gong meditation is simply a sound therapy in which gong is played to aid healing. It is somewhat sad that being Nepalese we do not have so much idea about gong but do not worry now we are here for your service.

 If you are willing to gong training in Nepal, singing bowl in Nepal is one of the best classes, which offers gong training in Nepal.  Besides giving the training for gong playing us also, provide buying selling activity of gong.  We all crewmembers are a pure admirer of gong.

gong training in nepal

We train out students with spiritual knowledge providing all the necessary history of gong.  We offer instructions and treatment in healing arts. The objective of our studio is to provide proper training in a peaceful environment for those who wants to explore.

This center offers a spiritual approach of gong training in Nepal comparing it to the scientific methods of facilitating and healing. During the training period, our studio will offer intuitive sensitivity to our clients. Apart from gong training, we focuses on the teaching and practice of ancient knowledge. We also provide singing bowl healing classes and other spiritual training courses. We are serving this golden chance for you people. Therefore, no one should miss this chance.

More about course

Our course includes training to play gong, providing knowledge about history of gongs, techniques to play a gong like a pro and other spiritual activities.  It is a great pleasure for our studio to serve people on every level so we make sure each learners will get equal amount of attention and respect. Our total course duration is of total eight hours, two hours each day. So our course will elongate for four continuous days.

how to play gong

In our four days class, two hours each day, we provide you basic and necessary knowledge regarding gong, gong’s history and more about sound healing. After the completion of our course, our students will be able to play the gong perfectly with so much of ease and can train others if they want.

We also provide certificates to the students after the completion of eight hours course. This studio has well-qualified teachers with a lot of experience in this field. Our teachers will not only be teaching you about gong but also will help you to figure out the problems inside you, individually.

Our teachers will also focus on spiritual learning and connecting mind with sprit. We are really focused towards making our students capable to play gong and master every spiritual activities more than money.

We are concerned about our culture and will solely focus to preserve to our extent. Sound from gong will make you more attentive and conscious towards the decisions you will take. Therefore, this learning- giving process can be very beneficial.

Benefits of talking gong training in Nepal

Gong carries a special value in eastern society. Being a part of Easten society, we all Nepalese should be familiar with gongs knowing how to play it.  Gongs are regarded as the symbol of mysticism and fortune so at least one member of the family should be able to play the gong to bring fortune and mysticism home.

chau-gong- history

On comparison to other medical treatments, gongs can be very useful to cure disorders of body like physical pain, stress and anxiety.

With the help of gong’s sound, our mind will delete the unnecessary thoughts and clear up the space for creativity. This is an excellent opportunity to learn and add new skills in your life. In the busy world where we are lacking time for ourselves, gong can be the best treatment to aid all the damages that took place inside our body, mind and spirit.

Program Schedule

Our gong training is 8 hours course which we have divided into 2 hours session each day for 4 days. We can make it shorter or longer as per your request and your availability.

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