Singing Bowl Meditation in Nepal

Singing Bowl Meditation in Nepal

Singing bowls also known as, Himalayan bowls are the instrument that produces a deep, relaxing, and healing sound, which as a result helps to calm and neutralize the mind. Apart from its religious importance and values, singing bowl meditation is widely used mediation technique for mental peace. Music from the singing bowl is quite relaxing and soothing. It is more common to use singing bowls for mediation.

himalayan singing bowl meditation

As meditation helps to reduce tension, the need for meditation is growing rapidly. A singing bowl is beautifully designed articles that is associated with heavenly bodies like the sun, moon, Saturn, mercury, and so on. A singing bowl is made under the full moon for subtle healing sound and refreshing music.

In today’s world, it is not uncanny to have tension, anxiety, and worries, which leads to mental disturbance and instability. To get relaxation from all types of tensions and stress, the use of a singing bowl for meditation purposes should be promoted.

Healing bowl in Nepal provides a platform to experience to practice singing bowl meditation using singing bowl healing. All the crew members of the singing bowl in Nepal will make sure to provide our students with the great experience of meditation through the singing bowl.

Mediation through singing bowl can calm down your mind. It also reduces and maintains stress and anxiety. Therefore, anyone interested in singing bowl mediation can contact us or check our website for detail information.

More about our course

We provide a 1-hour singing bowl mediation course at a very affordable price. We will make sure every student of the singing bowl in Nepal will experience all kinds of positive energy and enthusiasm after the completion of this course. We focus more on sound healing and neutralization of mind through singing bowl mediation.

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Our 1-hour course will be way beneficial than long training. Singing bowl in Nepal has very experienced teachers who can be the best guide for newcomers. Apart from this, we will provide our customers with knowledge about other spiritual activities also. We can heal hypertension and anxiety issue. You can also remember us for pain therapy.

You can experience chakra purification meditation and chanting with the sound of aum. Aum chanting helps to purify the whole body and mind. It assists with emotional stability. Singing bowl in Nepal is the best place for a learner to experience and explore new opportunities and ideas. Singing bowl in Nepal will help you to experience sound effect on the body and mental relaxation.

How singing bowl mediation works

Bowls create a range of sound to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of diseased and not well functioning parts. The sound from the singing bowl is produced by the acoustic phenomenon. It’s believed that the singing bowl has a positive effect on the body as it helps to reduce anxiety and stress.

The healing sound from the bowl can calm your mind down and make it peaceful. As they are rich in deep tones, they create a peaceful environment. Though there is no scientific research regarding the benefits of singing bowl healing some few local experiments have been successful to prove its importance.

singing bowl meditation in Nepal

It calms everybody parts of a human and creates a good atmosphere. The sound produced by singing bowls passes through our ears and helps to balance our cells and hormones, which is a very important part of healthy living. The growing demand for the singing bowl is because of its deep importance in human life.


1 hour from your busy schedule can be way better than one-day classes. This one-hour singing bowl mediation class will be very worthy to sustain your busy life. No one should miss this golden opportunity to relax and neutralize the mind.