Singing Bowl For Yoga Therapy

Nowadays there is a trend of using singing bowl for yoga therapy and meditation which is quite scientific. If we accept a fact that sound is a vibration and directly or indirectly it touches every part of the human physical being then we will understand sound will not only be heard only through ears but also through every cell of our body. The singing bowl is a musical instrument used for healing and meditation purposes by producing deep and rich music. Sound can redress all the imbalances on every level of physiological functioning.

Energy of Sound with yoga will be the easiest and effortless way to cure all the diseases from the bottom. Yoga cures all the diseases from the bottom. It not only cures symptoms but also eliminates the disease from root. The bowl emits quieting, enchanting energy, and yoga with a singing bowl will be very beneficial. It rejuvenates the mind, body, and promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Any type of yoga brings health benefits; yoga therapy involves implementing a variety of yoga practices to improve health conditions or to ease a natural process. Singing bowl therapy and yoga therapy are quite similar to each other so we can use singing bowl for yoga. Healing bowl is one of the yogic tools. Singing bowl enhances the beauty of yoga. Practice of Yoga alone can be very fruitful but the mixture of singing bowl and yoga therapy will be the best.

Why choose a singing bowl for yoga?

Therapeutic yoga with singing bowls is a process for a holistic approach, simultaneously working on body, mind, and soul. It strengthens a different system in the body, including heart, cardiovascular system, nervous system, and muscles. While yoga can alleviate several internal problems like inner disease and singing bowls can help to reduce stress and anxiety also. The traditional way of healing is both a strong and slow process.

Singing bowl for yoga will be a little faster. This is an incremental process, which tends to be a little safer and more effective than more aggressive strategies. Apart from this yoga therapy with singing bowls can lessen the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. All this process is very helpful for increasing the oxygen level in the body and helps to recover faster from any injury.

Since a persistently high level of stress hormones, particularly cortisol can undermine the function of the immune system. Singing bowl for yoga therapy empowers individuals to progress towards improved health and well-being through the application of traditional medicine. Nowadays yoga therapy has become so popular within people that even doctors and high professionals are supporting this. Yoga therapy with singing bowls can help to treat:

 1. Mental conditions

 * Stress

 * Anxiety

 * Depression

 * Eating disorders

 * Post- Natal depression

 2. Physical conditions

 * Back pains

 * Diabetes

 * Cancer

 * HIV

 * Obesity

How does this work?

The rich sound from singing bowl passes through our ears and nourishes whole body system that includes each cell and hormones where yoga is well known for reducing all the physical and mental disease. Therefore, this combination will pass through each cell of the body and makes a person mentally, physically, and spiritually strong.

When the sound enters the body it pleases all the body parts and strengthens them. The strengthening body part has more immunity power and can fight with the disease in a better way.

 Conclusion of the singing bowl for yoga therapy

It is very helpful in the yoga Nidra relaxation process and this combination will help to drive yoga peacefully. There are so many benefits to the traditional way of treating disorders. Although yoga and singing bowls have so much potential it takes a little time to heal. But with a little patience and a lot of strength so many problems can be healed. Studies showed that yoga therapy and singing bowls are very helpful to reduce stress and anxiety issues.

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