Quartz crystal singing bowls are excellent tools for sound healing work, meditation and music. Quartz crystal singing bowl produces rich, sonorous and healing sound.

They are made up of highest purity quartz crystal, which are more than 99.99% pure. The sound from it is not only heard by our ears but our whole body can feel it’s vibrations. Crystal singing bowls are the excellent tool for mediation and sound healing purposes.

Generally, the sound from crystal singing bowls are beautiful, clear, deep and rich in vibrations. They provide an amazing resonance around the people. Using quartz crystal singing bowls for healing will allow us to respond more quickly to critical situation and helps to take the right decision.

History of Quartz crystal singing bowls

crystal singing bowl in Nepal

Quartz crystal singing bowls began their journey in the ancient time of Buddhism. It is believed that quartz crystal singing bowls were an integral part of Buddhism.

They are not the invention of long time before. Where other type of singing bowls are crafted using different metals, they are crafted with expensive crystals and gems. This requires complex manufacturing process and that is the reason why they are expensive.

crystal bowl are made up of natural element that is pure quartz. The crystals are heated at 4000 degrees to provide them shape. During the making process of quartz crystal singing bowls, it is very important to consider the tone, which it is going to produce.

Details of Quartz Crystal Singing bowls

 Quartz crystal singing bowls have a unique subtle beauty as they are constructed of the finest quartz crystal. Crystals plays a key role in this type of singing bowl because of crystalline composition.

Therefore, our body will react to its sound quickly and favourably than any other type of healing sound. One of the reason to believe in quartz crystal singing bowls is they are made up of crystalline structure. These bowls are completed with a frosted white finish decorated with a beautiful luminescent shimmer.

crystal singing bowl

Creative lighting in it enhances the beauty of quartz crystal singing bowl. As they are made up of fine and purest crystal, so they are expensive in comparison to normal singing bowls.

For all the reasons above, it is believed that quartz crystal singing bowls significantly affects all the organs and the cells of our body. In addition, it is believed that the sound from quartz crystal singing bowls changes the state of consciousness in brain and brings out positive energy.

More on Crystal Bowl…

Quartz crystal singing bowls contain seven different rainbow colours, which stimulate seven different energy centres of our body. They help the listener to heal by passing pure light into human aura. Some research cleared that crystal singing bowls are way beneficial than normal types of singing bowls.

Further, it is believed that the sound from crystal singing bowls can match the frequency of human body so it can heal humans with great ease. This property of quartz crystal singing bowl makes it one of the dynamic and modern tool for healing. Therefore, quartz crystal singing bowls are considered the best singing bowls.

There are so many types of quartz crystal singing bowls in the market now but among all ‘ frosted ‘ crystal singing bowls are very popular. These types of singing bowls are heaviest, largest and loudest of all.

They are also considered affordable in price. Its price ranges from $600-$3000. They provide most deep vibrations because of its heaviest and largest rims. Vibrations produced by then sustain for a long period. All the quartz crystal singing bowls are uniquely pattered and designed which makes the bowls so alluring and strong at the same time.