Seven Days Singing Bowls Training cum Yoga Retreat in Nepal

Seven Days Himalayan Singing Bowls Training cum Yoga Retreat

Singing Bowls training cum Yoga Retreat in Nepal has been organizing for all the people around the world which includes both singing bowl training and yoga practice. It includes all types of practitioners from beginners to advance levels. This is one of the best opportunities for those who want both yoga and singing bowl together in Kathmandu.  The yoga classes will be held in the morning and in the evening. Along with this, everyday one-hour singing bowl class will happen.  Since the yoga teachers and singing bowl teachers are highly experienced, you will get complete knowledge of both fields.

singing bowls training in nepal

The purpose of this singing bowls training cum yoga course is to make you able to heal yourself and others with singing bowl and practice yoga in everyday life. The yoga classes are designed for complete health and well-being as well as accelerate for the healing of your past diseases. Yogasana will give you better flexibility, strength, and vigor.

Pranayama (breathing, the fourth limb of yoga) purifies the body, brings peace, harmony, and balance of mind. Meditation, the seventh limb of yoga, is known as the best medication in the world which is basically responsible for spiritual power, self-realization, and liberation. This will make your life meaningful, helps to explore your hidden potentialities and realize the ultimate goal of life which is next beauty of this singing bowls training and yoga course.

singing bowls training

The place is peaceful and clean which is favorable for yoga practice. You will learn all the aspects of yoga with its comprehensive knowledge. This practice is applicable throughout your life for better health, peace, and harmony.

This is residential yoga and singing bowl retreat with cozy accommodation as well as healthy, hygienic and natural food. You will have all types of facilities that are required during your stay. We serve here vegetarian and vegan food for the practitioners; if you need otherwise we can provide it.

After the successful completion of the course, you will get various changes in your life. Your mind becomes more positive and realistic in various ups and downs of your life. You will feel light in the body and mind. You will get your body healthier, stronger and more flexible. Seven days yoga and singing bowls training will become one of the most effective parts of your life.

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The combination of yoga and singing bowl is very effective technique for stress relief, relaxation, and many other health improvements. Sometimes, some yoga teachers use singing bowls in their yogic relaxation classes. The inclusion of a singing bowl in yogic relaxation accelerates the relaxation of participants. During this singing bowls training time we teach you different techniques of the singing bowl like singing bowl healing, singing bowl meditation, singing bowl chakra healing, purifying the surrounding, and many other techniques.

This one-week singing bowls training and yoga retreat course is the combination of two alternative medicinal approaches. Both are very effective in stress, hypertension, anxiety, and many other common and popular diseases of modern time.

Sometimes our diseases might arise through the blockages of chakras of the human body so in this one-week singing bowls training and yoga retreat, we focus on chakra healing through both approaches (singing bowls Training and yoga method of chakra healing). It helps to cleanse our chakra blockage and cure the disease. Additionally, we include some meditation techniques to relax of minds and balance our thoughts.  Sometimes, people suffer from problems due to excessive thoughts of past and future but we help them to come to the present and teach them what the power of being now moment is.

singing bowl retreat in Nepal

Daily Schedule of Singing bowls Training and Yoga Retreat

The schedule given here is a tentative schedule and the time of class might change but we include all the classes mentioned in our schedule.

6:30 am- wake up

7:30 am: Yoga Asana Class

8:30 am: Breakfast

9:30: Meditation and Relaxation class

10:30 am – 1 pm: Rest

1 pm: Singing bowl healing class

2 pm: Lunch

4: pm: Yoga Asana

7 pm: Dinner

What is Included in the package?

This is a package course which includes your 3 times vegetarian meal, accommodation, and classes. All tax and service charges are also included.