Gong Healing In Nepal

Overview of Gong Healing in Nepal

Gong is a musical instrument, which is played for spiritual blessings, meditation, and ceremonies. It is made by hand with love and care. It is also used for healing purposes. Gong healing in Nepal is a process of rinsing the whole body and mind of a person with the help of healing sound from the gong.

Gong healing in Nepal is a debatable topic to discuss around. It is very popular because of its positive effect on human health. Gong healing is a very simple process. Just put the gong into the play and the healing sound produced by gong will help you to experience one of the best chances in the world.

Gong Healing and Training in Nepal

When the gong is played softly, the soothing sound from gong helps to heal the individual and brings the necessary positive change in the body. The reason why gong is played softly is to create a relaxing sound instead of noise.

Actually, Gong healing in Nepal is done by laying down in a comfortable position and resting the whole body, mind, and spirit.” Gong healing feels like a psychedelics journey without taking any psychedelics.” Says, practitioners.

We provide Gong healing in Nepal to heal your mind and focuses on spirituality and recovery. Curing any disease with the help of gong will be far more beneficial than medical treatment. This is because gong healing not only cures symptoms but also will reduce every way for the disease to get back.

gong- how to play gong

Benefits of Gong Healing

Gong healing in Nepal has been so popular nowadays and the craze of people towards this is increasing. This is because of the benefits of gong healing. The benefits of gong healing are:

  1. Gongs are useful in solving emotional, spiritual, physiological, and physical distance.
  2. Healing of gong stimulates glandular, nervous, and exocrine systems.
  3. It is very helpful because it transforms worse emotional and mental conditions into better ones.
  4. Healing using gong is very useful to clear the negative thoughts from our minds.

There are so many advantages to the human health of gong healing. This is the reason why Gong healing in Nepal is getting hype.

How does gong healing work?

Gong healing is one of man’s most powerful and oldest inventions in history. When the metal of gong is excited than the electrons become highly charged electromagnetically and forms a field of Plasmon.

Thus produced plasmon field is created off the gong and the listener hears the soothing sound. When the gong is revved up again, the plasmon field expands. Therefore, in this way when we strike the gong with a mallet, the sound is produced.

The sound produced by gong differs in a way that the mallet is struck into the metal. In general, gong produces three types of sound and they are dark, metallic, and majestic. It makes a resonant echoing sound. The peculiarly sonorous sound from gong is the best thing to heal disorders.

how to play gong

This healing offers not only the mediation process from gong but will also help an individual to grow up strong. The healing changes time and locality.

Gong healing is an ideal tool for stress reduction, stimulation of the glandular system, and to break up emotional blockages. When the gong is skilfully played, it resonates and stimulates all the human cells unblocking happiness hormones.

The gong healing generates powerful multi-dimensional ripples of sound that steams the whole body. The OM sound of gong healing creates total silence within.



Gong healing in Nepal has just got a platform but the graph is increasing rapidly. The craze of people towards this is growing steadily. Gong healing in Nepal should be promoted in the best way