Gong Meditation In Nepal 

overview of Gong Meditation In Nepal


Nepal is famous for different things, among them, Gong meditation in Nepal is a unique type of process that involves using therapeutic gong sound and vibrations for healing purposes. Stress, anxiety, depression, and other diseases can cause destroy our cells and can dis-function them.


Therefore, gong meditation can heal all these destructions on the best level. gong meditation is usually termed as “gong bath” also because the participants bathe into the sound of gong waves. Gong mediation is usually based on the sound derived from gong so there are certain ways and instructions to play the gong.

Gong Meditation in Nepal

When the gong is struck with the help of mallet then the sound is produced which is deep and rich. The deep and rich sound is used for gong meditation. This mindful gong mediation is very helpful for grabbing relaxation. This method has been used for so long time so at least every people should enjoy this once.


Sound therapy for healing is being used for a long time to manage stress, control oxygen level in the blood, and to amend body disorders. The sound in gong meditation first relaxes each cell and then treats our body, mind, and spirit.


The non-optimal frequencies of the body can be balanced with the help of gong meditation. Our body and mind need to work all day all long without any leave so they need refreshment from time to time. Gong meditation will be the best refreshment for our mind and body.


How is gong meditation in Nepal done?


When you will visit a studio providing therapies related to gong then you will find out that gong mediations are the best option for healing. This is generally practiced by laying down on meditation mats with a pillow and a blanket for more comfort.

gong training in nepal

All you need to do is rest in a comfortable position relaxing your body, mind, and spirit. The instructor will help you throughout the session. When the gong is played the vibrations from our ears pass to each cell of our body.


Initially, the gong is played very softly; as the mediation process gets progress the intensity of the gong is increased. The volume will be never upped to any sort of comfortless. The mediation will be very monotonous if the sound of the gong is not frequently changed; it also can cause a sort of irritation so the sound of the gong is frequently changed to make the mediation more interesting.


The audible sound from gong will relax the body and work to clear up all the blocked pores of the physical being. It activates alpha brain waves, which are responsible for increasing creativity and relaxation. Gong meditation in Nepal helps to activate theta brain waves, which are responsible for hypnosis and good sleep.

Meditation with Gongs are generally a one-hour course, which focuses to relive several problems together. gong is not only offered in a particular studio opened just for it but can also be found in many clinics, hospitals. This meditation technique is very different and unique from others as the participant’s bath in the sound. Except for gong baths, there are so many mediation techniques, which use the sound healing process.


 Benefits meditation


Gong mediation or gong bath helps to reduce stress and promotes a better flow of emotions. Some tones emerging out from gong are known to boost vitality and are natural healing medicines. Where so many medical treatments fail, gong meditation in Nepal can cure that disease with so much of ease.


Gong mediation in Nepal is done with the help of vibrations. It is believed that vibrations can change consciousness as the healing sound clears all the blocked chakras. Gong bath connects a person’s mind with a sprit. Therefore, there will be more clarity and free space in mind. There are so many therapeutic benefits of this mediation.