Whole Day Singing Bowl Training

Whole Day Singing Bowl Training [Approx-8 Hours Training]

Singing Bowl Training in Nepal is being conducted by some experienced teachers from Nepal. The duration of the course is around 8 hours, which completes in a day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea, coffee and other ayurvedic drinks are also offered along with the course. It is favorable if you have not a long holiday.

singing bowl training

More About Our Sound Healing Training

You will learn here detailed theoretical and pragmatic aspects of the singing bowl in this Training. The number of trainees will be less than 20 to maintain the quality of the class, which will become helpful for effective learning.

Whole day Singing Bowl Training in Kathmandu will give you comprehensive knowledge about sound vibration and its effects on body, mind, and soul. The surroundings to learn singing bowl must be peaceful, with no external disturbance; this is strictly maintained for the class which gives the better healing state for our body.

Singing bowl training deals with melodic sound which purifies the surrounding, removes negative vibrations and cleanses the environment in a subtle form removing harmful bacteria and diseases of the surrounding.  It not only gives good effects on humans but also has positive impacts on plants and animals.

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singing bowl training in Nepal

Singing Bowl and Chakra System of Human Body

Singing bowl sound has positive effects in the human body bringing harmony and balance in mind and soul, healing body. It brings positive change biologically and chemically maintaining proper health. Singing bowl sound has a good connection spiritual energy wheel i.e. chakras situated in the different areas of the body.

Thus sound healing training balances and heals the chakras releasing the diseases and negativity with its spiritual vibration. Singing bowl sound brings positive change in mind releasing negative thoughts and emotions like fear, anger, hatred, etc.

Whole day singing bowl training in Nepal is a wonderful opportunity to learn it effectively with highly experienced teachers. This course will give you lots of physical and mental benefits also prepares for a higher level of meditation. After the course, you will feel light in mind and body. It helps you for self-progress and deepen into spiritualty. This course will also prepare you to become a singing bowl teacher.