One of the difficult task in the singing bowl is how to choose chakra set of the singing bowl with an exact chakra sound. Which we are going to solve in this article. The human ecosystem is not just about the physical body but something more than that. The human body is a five-layer of existence (Pancha Kosh). Our chakras are part of the etheric body (Pranamaya Kosh).

Chakra set of singing bowls are the group of healing crystals that helps to calm and unblock all the chakras of the human system. At one end, the chakras integrate with our physical body, and at another end; they integrate with our minds and emotions.

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Singing bowl chakra set can relax every part of our body. While it natural to become involved with seven chakras, but in the end, we need to realize each singing bowl not only provides only one notes but also often provides multiple harmonics. Here we are listing some tips on how to choose chakra set of singing bowl:

Tips on how to choose chakra set

Choosing a chakra set of a singing bowl can be confusing sometimes. Therefore, here are some tips on how to choose chakra set of singing bowls:

  1. Classify each bowl based on the sound they produce that is low, medium, and high-frequency sound. Pick a bowl considering root, heart, and crown and other chakra bowls.
  2. All the seven chakras of the singing bowl have seven different sounds from root to crown. The sounds of chakra singing bowl c, d,e,f,g, a, and b. Teachers from an ancient time set up singing bowls in a pattern where the intervals between the notes corresponding to the chakras are fifth apart.
  3. While taking training, discuss some time with your teachers on how to choose the pure singing bowl, from where you will get more ideas on how to choose it.
  4. We need to choose the pure a to g sound for a better chakra set. To do it we need to check the chakra set. However, so many apps for checking it may not be 100% accurate so it has better you will choose on your own.
  5. Feel the energy produced by the singing bowls. You will know when you get it “right ” or “perfect”. The right key to choose a singing bowl is to listen and feel, and experience.
  6. When you experience a tone that energizes your physical being than start considering its size. The size of the chakra set singing bowl should be handy. For personal use and Might be big for the training purpose.

  7. Each bowl has a detail page so read the instructions very well and make a choice.
  8. The design of the chakra set singing bowl is an important part to grab attention so consider its design also.
  9. Chakra set of singing bowls comes in a wide variety of shapes and each of them has a different price. On a debate on how to choose a chakra set of the singing bowl, price range plays a great role. Beware of cheap old bowls.
  10. Do not expect the singing bowls to be in pristine condition. They can be made 100’s of years ago and may not be in use. It will certainly show some signs of aging and wear.
  11. Another important point to remember to solve this question: how to choose a chakra set singing bowl is to be clear that for what purpose you want this.

Final Words on How to choose Singing Bowl

Chakra set singing bowls are handmade antiques that offer “delighted treaty”. These bowls sing very easily and produce rich, harmonic, and soothing sound. The sound produced by the chakra set of singing bowls lasts for a long period. When all the bowls of singing bowl chakra set are kept together and played then they produce energetic and stress-free vibrations. But however, in some part, you need to trust the person you buying singing bowl and ask him how to choose the better singing bowl, sometimes they give good clue.

Playing them is not as difficult as choosing one. All the seven-chakra set defines particular chakras of our body. Using a mallet and a cushion, you can easily play the singing bowl. When the mallet is struck into the outer surface of the singing bowl then a rich, powerful sound is produced. You can adjust the frequency and intensity as per your wish.

Chakra sets of the singing bowl are very beneficial. After you got an idea of how to choose, a chakra set of the singing bowl and to play it you can easily be benefited. They are widely used to reduce stress and anxiety, for calming mind and body, meditation purpose, and especially for music generation.