Singing Bowl For Back Pain 


There are many healing hubs offering training, buying-selling activities of singing bowls. Singing bowls are authentic sets of the bowl with a mallet when struck against its wall produces a deep harmonic sound. The sound from the singing bowl is undoubtedly one of the most powerful media, as it drives the human spirit into a different level of consciousness. The singing bowl can be used for back pain.

singing bowl for back pain

What is a singing bowl?

A standing or resting bowl supported from below with the rim and are often played by striking its outer surface with a mallet is known as a singing bowl.

The specialty of singing bowl

Singing bowls are made up of seven different types of metals and each metal is associated with heavenly bodies. The element represents the symbiotic relationship between the universe basic elements.

The seven metals are gold, silver, iron, copper, mercury, tin, and lead. The gold indicates the sun, copper indicates Venus, silver indicates the moon, mercury indicates mercury, iron indicates mars, tin indicates Jupiter and lead indicates Saturn.

Singing bowl for back pain

There are so many causes of back pains, and in any event, they should be treated as fast as we can. Singing bowls are widely used for back pains. If your back hurts or has a problem then singing bowl can be the best treatment for that. The deep and soothing sound from the singing bowl promotes relaxation in a short period.

back pain and singing bowl

When chakras are imbalanced then they are said to cause pain. So when sound from singing bowls touches all the individual cells of our body then the imbalanced and closed chakras get balanced and opened respectively which in turn helps to reduce pain. The bowl sings “omm” which revives the DNA code and activates it.

When the DNA code gets activated then it rinses all the possible cells of the human body and strengthens emotional and spiritual stability. The vibrations from singing bowl spread out over bodily fluids, tissues and hormones activating their functions. The activated system can work efficiently without any problems and difficulties.

Singing bowl for back pain will be a great choice to make due to its utmost work on back pain and muscle relief. Stress can be taken as a potential cause of back pains. As we, all know the great use of singing bowls for stress management. So singing bowl for back pain will not only cure the symptoms but also reduces all possible comebacks of the back pain.

Singing bowl enables cell regeneration and reduces pain. In practice, when it is constantly used for a long period it not only helps in physical well-being but also promotes mental and spiritual health. When the collaboration between sound massage and relaxation takes place all the physical being of humans gets equally benefited.

Other benefits of singing bowl:

  1. Stress and anxiety management.
  2. The liberation of toxins from the body.
  3. Clearance of energy blockage.
  4. Promotes wellness and fitness.
  5. Releases happiness hormones.
  6. Balances the body energy systems.
  7. Improves the immune system.
  8. Mental and emotional stability and clarity, etc.

Singing bowls can also be used in contraindications like pregnancy possibility, patients with pacemakers, vascular abnormalities, and so on. Where medical treatments need a lot of money with a long time or lifelong assurance, singing bowls can be the cheapest way to cure back pain and other physical, mental disorders.

As an additional, the singing bowl is also well-known to build a person emotionally strong and stable. Singing bowls generate positive energy so their use should be promoted.