Singing bowl chakra set is the set of 7 instruments. This is the set of 7 allurings on chakra set. The chakra set is a musical mediation instrument when played on a certain frequency activates the chakras and helps to flow the energy inside the human body.

The singing bowl of this set is about 2.75 to 5.00 ” in diameter and they weigh about 2800 grams together. Singing bowl chakra set produces rich, harmonic, and soothing sound. They can be played very easily and the sound produced by singing bowl chakra set lasts for a long time.

When all 7 sets are put together then they produce energetic and vibrating sound, which is based on stress-free relaxation. Every singing bowl from the set are painted with their associated chakra colors and are craved with the individual chakra symbols.

Singing bowl are widely used for religious purposes. Apart from the religious output, they are also used for mediation, music, relaxation, personal well-being, and chakra creation.

Singing Bowl Chakra set and Human body chakras

Chakra note: all the 7 chakras of singing bowl chakra set are symbols of 7 different colors. Professionals of the health sector, professionals of teaching, musicians use them widely, and so on. The singing bowl is used in health sectors by psychotherapists, massage therapists, during the diagnosis of cancer, and stress- mediation specialist.

Teachers and musicians concentrate their students and produce soothing sound in songs respectively use chakra set.

Apart from this, the 7-colored chakra set can also be used for post-traumatic stress disorder. They are popular in the classroom as it helps to facilitate group activities and increases the focus of the students.

Besides, these singing bowl chakra sets can also be used to relive energy and to delete all the unnecessary thoughts from our minds.

A set of 7 bowls are handmade articles. The locals of Nepal handcraft these. Chakra set includes 7 different singing bowls with 7 different mallets (striker) and cushions (pillows). As they are, handcrafted there can be slight variations in measurements. The approximate measurements of the sets are listed here.

Please note: Because they are handcrafted, each one may be slightly varied.


Diameter: The diameter of singing bowls of this set ranges from 2.25 to 5 inches. but for different purposes size might be changed.

Height: its height ranges from two to 3 inches. But different for bigger.

Weight: The singing bowl set will weigh around 3000 – 3200 grams with mallet and cushions.

Features of singing bowl chakra set

  1. The 7 chakras set symbolize all the 7 chakras of the human body
  2. They serve as a beautiful spiritual gift.
  3. They consist of 7 playing mallet and soft silk resting cushions.
  4. They are tested and experimented with by professionals.
  5. Singing bowl chakra set produces a highly enriching sound that lasts for a long period.
  6. Apart from activating human body chakra, they are also responsible for pain healing and stress management.

Singing bowl chakra sets are generally made up of bronze. Each bowl represents chakras of the human body. So playing all the 7 singing bowl chakra sets will heal all the 7 chakras of the human body.

The chakra set creates ambiance in the environment and clears the wind with resonance. This in turn generates a meditative and peaceful environment. Because of which all the toxins present in our body disappear and helps us to feel content.

Singing bowl chakra sets are very popular as they represent ancient times and they can be used as a decorating article. They are aesthetic bowls and carry high religious importance. This is the reason why they are so popular.