2 nights 3 days Singing Bowl Training in Nepal

2 Night 3 Days Singing bowl Training

Singing bowl in Nepal organizes 2 nights and 3 days of residential Singing Bowl Training in Nepal for all. The total training hour is for eight hours- two hours on the first day, three hours each on the second and on the third day. The singing bowl is connected with melodic sound to heal and relax you physically and mentally.

The Training Course will be taught detailed theory and practical aspects of the singing bowl during this singing bowl training in Nepal. To learn a singing bowl, noiselessness is very important which helps to listen and feel the singing bowl vividly and deeply. Since we is located in a peaceful and immaculate location of Kathmandu, it can confer you the most favorable environment to practice singing bowl.

Sining bowl Training in Nepal

In this training, you will learn Science of sound, Mechanism of Singing bowl, Singing bowl healing, Meditation with singing bowl, massage with singing bowl, checkra healing with singing bowl and many other therapy using singing bowl.

More About the Training

Singing bowl has a direct connection on human’s divine energy wheels, which often referred to as chakras. The chakras are metaphysical energy systems of the body and mind, thus also termed as an inner energy system. How you think, how you react, how you perceive, how you feel, etc. are directly connected with the condition of your chakras.

The singing bowl helps you to harmonize and fix your chakras in a proper manner which will access your life to live more happily and healthily. This singing bowl training in Nepal will be taught by highly experienced teachers of singing bowl. There are many more things that you will learn during the course of Singing bowl training in Nepal.

There are many things to do in with us along with the singing bowl training in Nepal. You can visit different places in Kathmandu, or enjoy beautiful natural views around here in the free time. Since this is a completely yogic and spiritual environment, you can deepen your practice during leisure. This is a wonderful place for a comfortable stay and healthy food.

After completion of the singing bowl course, you will find a positive change in your mind- your mind attains unconditional happiness and tranquility. You will become clearer to life, think better free from stress and anxiety. Your blood pressure, heartbeat, respiration, and various system of the body tend to be balanced due to the effects of a singing bowl. This training proves to be a great essence of your life.

Schedule of  Training

1st Day: Two hours of training related to the introduction of sound, types of wave, characteristics of sound, Elements of music and it is more about the science of sound.

2nd Day: Three hours of training related to the chakra system and how to heal chakras, how to play, precautions, Types of the singing bowl, how to choose a singing bowl, Chakra balancing, Process of healing self and others, etc.

3rd Day: Three hours of singing bowl training about different healing techniques, meditation, therapy, group healing, and whole-body resonance process.