Singing Bowl Massage

Singing Bowl Massage

A singing bowl is beautifully designed aesthetic articles made-up from seven different types of metals each associated with seven different planets of the universe. Singing bowl massage or sound therapy is based on ancient knowledge concerning the effect of sound that was discovered a long time ago.

According to Eastern philosophy, the vibration creates energy so only sounds vibration can properly heal a man disorders. If a human is in contact with tunes from time to time then he/she will be able to arrange their life creatively. The specialty of the singing bowl is it produces rich and deep harmonics and vibrations through acoustic phenomena.

singing bowl massage in Nepal

Singing bowl massage is a very popular kind of massage nowadays. Singing a bowl with massage is a wonderful combination as it allows the therapist to work with physical and mental levels with massage and stimulate the energy level promoting the free flow of energy.

Our team, singing bowl in Nepal, in collaboration with experienced sound healer’s have created this singing bowl massage therapy that aims to give an excellent one hour service. Singing bowl in Nepal is a great place to experience the real beauty of ancient knowledge. As the human body is made up of sound so singing bowl in Nepal focuses on sound from singing connecting sound within us.

The dejected person can easily feel fine with the help of a singing bowl massage. We focus on the vibrational effect of sound on one’s body, mind, and spirit. You will experience an incredible inner journey of peace and love. After the completion of the one-hour session, our clients can experience improved memory, health, clarity, and relaxation.

A specialty about this massage is anyone of any age can experience this divine message. Massage with the singing bowl is very good and fruitful for back pains, muscle aches, and physical injury. It heals the whole physical being of a human helping the blood to circulate freely and easily in veins. Apart from this, it helps to increase the oxygen and hemoglobin levels in the blood. It gently massages and harmonizes each body cell and develop our innate capacity.

Singing bowl in Nepal will make sure that after this one-hour massage our clients will achieve cleansing and clearing energy fields with improved brain hemispheric creativity. Our body which is made up of more than 70% of water needs some vibrations to work efficiently. So singing bowl massage can be the best option for our body.

How does massage heal our physical being?

 As our body is mostly made up of fluids and we all know how fluids react to vibrations. The fluid has a connection with every part of our body so to maintain our health at a cellular level vibrations play a great role. When the harmonic sound is produced from the singing bowl close in contact with us then the vibrations touch our body and produce energy to every part of our body.

The rhythmic pattern of a singing bowl ‘ ‘struck and sung’ cleanses the body first and produces positive energy. The sound frequency perfectly affects each cell of the body and promotes stillness and wellbeing. The vibrations help vital energy to flow freely inside the human body.

Benefits of singing bowl massage

  1. It profoundly centers and grounds the person.
  2. Brings more joy and improves emotional stability
  3. Increases blood circulation and oxygen levels in the blood.
  4. The liberation of toxins and unwanted hormones.
  5. Deep relaxation and pain relief.
  6. Balances chakras
  7. Reduces stress and anxiety
  8. Lower anger and blood pressure etc.