Singing Bowl Therapy in Nepal

2 Days Singing Bowl Therapy Course in Nepal

Have you ever experienced the deep and healing powerful sound of a singing bowl therapy? A simple metal bowl can calm your whole body and mind releasing happiness hormones and stillness. A singing bowl is in practice for thousands of years. It is a great experience and no one should miss this.

If you are willing to learn more about the singing bowl therapy and want to play the singing bowl like a professional, do remember us. We, all the crewmembers of the singing bowl in Nepal will help you achieve your will. We will provide you the best singing bowl training in Nepal at a very affordable cost with a great service. Those people who want to heal themselves and want to explore spiritual power for them and to others, they can join our singing bowl course.

singing bowl therapy in Nepal

Singing bowl in Nepal is one of the best places for learning a singing bowl along with pain therapy, meditation, and other spiritual activities. We provide 2 days of singing bowl therapy course. The total course is completed in 4 hours: 2 hours a day. We also provide you one of the best singing bowl healing teachers with good experience of teaching. Singing bowl in Nepal not only provides singing bowl learning classes but we also sell singing bowls and help you to choose the best according to your type and budget.

More about our course

 Apart from learning how to play singing bowls, our course includes healing on chakra, massage with singing bowl therapy, singing bowl mediation, stress and anxiety reduction, and so on. Teachers of the singing bowl in Nepal personally focus on the personal problems of all the participants. It is a perfect place for learning and exploring new things and seeking opportunities.

This course is very spiritual giving all our participants knowledge about the history and science behind sound healing and meditation with singing bowls. We help you to experience “active listening” to focus on a busy brain. Being one of the most popular singing bowl training studios of Nepal, we offer our students to get familiar with different and special characteristics of metals and crystal bowls and which one is perfect for you.

After the completion, of course, one will be able to gain a positive side of life and will be able to deal with the problems maturely. Apart from all this, the singing bowl has traditional values also so this course will let you enjoy the spiritual and traditional life also. Singing bowl healing in Nepal will try their best to make you understand how to take part in a personal sound healing experience.

We have our website named You can log in and get admission from there. Your further queries and additional information will be mentioned there.


A metal crystal bowl with its striker will be very beneficial for a learner to practice the techniques.

Additional information

 Calms the mind, maintains the body.This is the level- 1 course of the singing bowl. After the completion of this 2 days course, our students will be able to play deep music through the singing bowl therapy. Singing bowl in Nepal certificates all the participants present.

More about singing bowl therapy

Singing bowl therapy is a spiritual process and science of music. The singing bowl is a musical instrument, which is used for healing, relaxation, and meditation purpose. A singing bowl is a metal made article that has great traditional importance. It was originated from Nepal and later got popular in Tibet and India as well. Sound is a vibration and vibration can relax every part of our physical being. Music from singing bowl healing can redress imbalances on every level and helps to reduce stress and anxiety.