5 Days Singing Bowl Therapy in Nepal

5 Days Singing Bowl Therapy in Nepal

Singing bowl therapy in Nepal is a particular process where the bowls are played in a particular order to produce specific tones throughout the session. Healing using sound therapy is one of the oldest ways of healing practice in the world. Out of so many sound healing therapies, singing bowl healing comes at the top.

Singing-bowl-therapy in Nepal

The singing bowl is a round-shaped bowl made up of important and aesthetic metals when struck produces sound. They are one type of standing bell. The singing bowl can be played in two ways: either by striking the side of the bowl and by rubbing a mallet around the rim. Both of these methods produce a distinctive sound.

The singing bowl therapy in Nepal is based on the release of energy through vibrations. Singing bowl therapy is a 5-days course, which focuses to provide a soothing atmosphere for the people involved in that course.

About Our Course

This 5 days course is purely based on spiritual healing. Sound healing or spiritual healing sessions with experienced teachers in this field will be the most memorable moment in anyone’s life. The 5 days singing bowl therapy in Nepal will help you to play singing bowls with great ease and comfort.

Upon successful completion of this course, the trainees will be able to achieve both theoretical and practical aspects of life. Singing bowl therapy will activate your mind in all directions and increases your consciousness.

With increased focus and ability to examine situations, one will be able to take positivity and throw out negativity easily. Singing bowl therapy in Nepal will not only help you to play the singing bowl but also will help you to manage your blood pressure, reduce stress and anxiety, and balances the chakras of our body. The sound from the singing bowl heals our disorders and boost our immune system.

singing bowl therapy in Nepal

Some Diseases and Singing bowl Therapy

The five days singing bowl therapy in Nepal is very beneficial for human beings. In this era, we are suffering from so many diseases. The singing bowl helps us to recover from some special types of disease. It cannot be applicable for all types of disease but it heals so many physical, mental, and emotional disorders. For example, stress, diabetes, heart disease, any type of addiction, mental and emotional health, depression, anxiety, etc.

Singing bowl has a special and unique point that is singing bowls not only heals the symptoms but also totally cures the cause of the disease. Therefore, there will be very little probability of the disease getting back to you.

Singing bowl therapy in Nepal has been so popular nowadays because of its benefits and so many studios are servings the singing bowl therapy. Choosing the best among the best might be difficult for the people. Focus on the quality of the course more than the charge amount.

To attend the teachers’ training of bowls you should be very interested and little experience or no experience will be fine as we go from beginner level. They should know how to calm a person down in addition to playing a singing bowl like a pro.

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The singing bowl therapy is one of the best spiritual courses to achieve positive energy. After the completion of the five days course, you will be able to gain a profound effect on the mind, body, and spirit, which brings harmony and coherence in a person’s life.

Benefits of This Course

5 days of singing bowl therapy course will make you able to realize and analyze situations calmly and take decisions according to that. The following are some of the benefits of taking a singing bowl therapy in Nepal:

  1. Deep relaxation and stress management.
  2. Unblocked chakras.
  3. Remove blockages and toxins.
  4. Stable emotion and mind.
  5. Promotes the flow of oxygen in the blood.
  6. Cures insomnia.
  7. Rinses all the cells of the human body.

In addition to this, a singing bowl is widely used for mediation and traditional purpose. The sound from the singing bowl is considered as the symbol of purity and fortune. Therefore, if you know how to play it then, of course, you can live a spiritual and traditional life also. If you don’t have time for 5 days, you can join our short therapy course.