Best Place for Singing Bowl Training in Nepal

Looking for the best place for singing bowl in Nepal? Don’t worry, We are here. Singing bowl produces very powerful music, which touches every cell of the body and transforms energy to make a person physically, mentally, and emotionally strong.  The sound from the singing bowl can unblock emotions transfer TRAINING them with all the grace and ease. It unlocks happiness hormones and helps in pain therapy.  Singing bowl has now become a part of meditation so the interest of people towards this is increasing.

Singing bowl in Nepal located at Kathmandu is home of spirituality and a great place for learning singing bowl.  This is the best place for singing bowl training in Nepal. Stress relief through the sound healing process with the main teachers of the singing bowl in Nepal will be one of the most memorable moments of a person’s life. Teachers have been a master in this field of sound therapy for so many years.

Yet he welcomes the entire student with a big heart and a beautiful smile passing knowledge not only about this sound therapy but also about the real meaning of life. You can join either basic or advanced training as per your wish. You just need to get in touch with the members of the mandala studio or log in using  and get information about this yoga studio. This is the best place for singing bowl training and no one should miss this lovely opportunity to learn singing bowl. This place offers:

Why to choose us?

  • Well qualified spiritual teacher
  • Intensive and well-designed courses
  • Handbook with certification
  • Focus on both practical and theoretical knowledge
  • Provides singing bowl for practice (only during the session, to take home- you need to buy)
  • You can buy high quality of singing bowl with us – chakra set and other normal bowls
  • Can join different healing and meditation courses
  • Free Wi-Fi

The beginner course for playing singing bowl in singing bowl in Nepal is of 8 hours. This a 3 days of residential singing bowl course. Two hours on the first day and 3 hours on each second and third day. After the completion of this course successfully trainees will receive a professional diploma. The person can give healing sound to others after that.

More about teachers of singing bowl Nepal

Teachers who has an experience of so many years in this field are an incarnated person full of happiness and positive energy.   They all are solely related to spirituality and pain therapy. All the teachers of singing bowl in Nepal learned the art of healing and pain relief from many great masters and holy man’s. So, this is the best place for singing bowl programs.

Our teachers have now become one of the most popular singing bowl healing training teacher in Nepal. They keep themselves always surrounded with joy and peace. They choose this holy path when they were small and left their home shortly to travel all around the world and gain experience. Our professional healed more than 1500 people and are a teacher of more than 10 advance students. All of the teacher believes in love and is a much-grounded person.

More about course

The 8 hours basic course of sound healing includes
1. Opening session
2. Introduction about healing
3. Singing bowl history with origin about therapies
4.  How to play singing bowl and how to choose a right singing bowl, Quality of singing bowl, usage, tones and so on
5.  Uses of the singing bowl
6. Water therapies and certification
7.  Graduation
8. Closing session

 All of this session is for deep experience and for mastering in singing bowl.

Schedule for singing bowl-training course

– 1st day includes introduction of sound, types of waves, characteristics of sound, and more about the science of sound.
– 2nd day includes learning related to the chakra system and self-healing.
– 3rd day includes three hours of singing bowl training, pain therapy, and whole-body resonance process.

All the activities regarding this training will be performed on spot or the teacher will pre-inform you for additional details.

After completion of this training, you can see a positive change in yourself and become clearer to life. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety so you will have the better vision towards life. Don’t miss this best place for singing bowl for your development in healing and training of singing bowl.