What is Full Moon Singing Bowl

Singing bowls made under full moon each month are generally termed as full moon singing bowl. They are made by enhancing the subtle moon energy for healing vibrations. These exclusive healing sound-producing masterpieces are carefully made with caution for longer use and everlasting powerful sound.

Traditionally, the bowls are made up of seven sacred metals, corresponding to seven planets. Full moon singing bowls have a high demand in the market because of its specialty, as they are hand-made under the full moon. Each bowl includes a slim cushion, which makes the bowl look captivating.

What is a chakra cleansing? Chakra cleansing is a process, which involves using shamanic, breathe work to open up blocked chakras and to remove emotional blockages. In a bid to unblock our chakras, yoga and other spiritual activities are done. Music from the full moon singing bowl is very renowned for opening chakras and calming the whole body and mind.

Sound from full moon singing bowl is very rich and is of deep tone which opens ups all the closed pores and cells of the body. The full moon singing bowl is a very exclusive healing masterpiece. In a human body, there are seven different chakras and in the same way, full moon singing bowls are made up of seven different metals and there are seven different notes.

The music from the full moon singing bowl helps to reduce anxiety and stress. It helps in pain therapy also. The full moon singing bowls are chosen carefully by sound testing to ensure their healing properties. The full moon singing bowls are widely used for chakra cleansing purposes. The singing bowls have a long-lasting tune, which creates a very positive atmosphere and helps you to stay calm.

full moon singing bowl

Full moon Singing bowl and Chakra Set

When your chakras are blocked, you will feel much uninspired or have some emotional blockages. It can also associate with physical, sexual dis-function. Chakra blockage can lead you to experience fear of changes, depression, and other types of addiction. Therefore, it is very important to unblock and cleanse your chakras.

The only easy way to do this is to relax your body and mind with the help of singing bowls. Singing bowls are very well known to unblock and cleanse chakras and calm your mind. There are altogether seven mantras you should recite while playing a full moon singing bowl. These mantras can help you to heal properly and rapidly.

Every seven mantras are related to seven chakras. Energetically and metamorphically, the seven chakras provide us a framework for our personal growth and lifelong maturation process. Therefore, chakra cleansing, balancing, and healing is a necessary part of our everyday growth.


Full moon singing bowls are little different and somewhat expensive than normal singings bowls. The full moon singing bowl sings very easily and produces a very rich and soothing sound that lasts for a long duration. The beautiful sound passes from our ears and touches every cell of the body providing stress-free relaxation.

The use of singing bowls for chakra cleansing started a hundred years ago. Monks have used full moon singing bowls for chakra healing and cleansing purpose for so long. There is a great relationship between singing bowls and chakra cleansing. Cleaning your chakra is very simple but it can be stressful sometimes. Therefore, full moon singing bowls can help a person to open up chakras very easily. The chakras are located in the central channel of energetic spines.

So it can be regarded as the major point for the flow of energy. The chakra is often considered the power canter so it should be exercised on a regular basis. Singing bowls can be the best instrument to practice chakra cleansing.


 Full moon singing bowls are the best and within the budget to open up the chakras pores. Apart from this, music from singing bowls can be soothing and calming.