Healing Effect of Singing Bowl | Singing Bowl for Healing

Since the healing effect of singing bowl is very good, they are highly used for healing different diseases. In the West, singing bowls are used in alternative medicine as well. The modal vibration studies perhaps derived their modern popularity for that purpose known as Cymatics executed by a physician named Hans Jenny (1904–1972). They are also widely used in sound therapy. ‘Tibetan music’, western recordings, frequently links the bowls with relaxation, as well as associating them with healing powers and the potential to create a positive ‘altered state’ in the mind of the listener. It has been discussed that the altered state (whether meditative, spiritual, drug-related or all three) is a key connection with ‘Tibetan music’ in the US and increases in the market value of that representation of Tibet.

When singing bowls are used for healing, sometimes they are also known as healing bowls. Since they are connected with chakras, they are also called as chakra bowls. The bowls are played around in sound healing, or in “sound massage”. For this, sometimes bowls are placed on the body of the treatment receiver. The healing receiver gets the resonance of the bowls’ harmonized waves in their body which gives good relaxation. The healers, sometimes also work for chakra (energy centers) activation or balance. So there is a great Significance of healing effect of singing bowl.

The Swiss journal survey in Complementary Medicine presents a report for the healing study. Here, fifty-four people with chronic spinal pain took part in one or more of the six séance of singing bowl healing. The pain was significantly reduced for them. The journal report also got that the therapy with singing bowl had a stress-decreasing effect on participants.

Healing effect of Singing bowl

One of the health-related American Journal published a study in 2014 which scrutinized the effects of beginning a relaxation period for twelve minutes of the singing bowl sound, which significantly reduced the heart beat and systolic blood pressure in comparison to only silent relaxation.

 These are some testimonies about singing Bowls used for healing since centenaries. They make a spectrum of voices to reestablish the balanced vibrational frequencies of morbid. They also harmonize vibratory frequencies on the parts of the body and mind which out-of-harmony.

The sounds created by Tibetan Singing Bowls are a form of energy medicine that has a healing effect many sufferings like stress disorders, depression, pain, and most forms of the disease.

The resonance of the bowl perfectly synchronizes the entrained brainwaves for the initiation of the healing process. Their different unique tones promote a higher level for deep meditation, creative and rhetoric thinking, and intuitive information.

The sanctified phonic waves that are produced from Tibetan Singing Bowls awaken our capacity to hear with more than our ears. We can feel its sound as much as we take it in with our ears. Our entire physical being is touched by sound vibration. After that, a realization comes that not merely ears hear sound but also cells will receive the sound. Sound is very deeply touched physical and metaphysical realm and bring transformation to the emotional and spiritual realm; this is one of the reason sound heals. The sound vibration of singing bowl deters imbalances on physiologic activities and enhances for the healing of virtually any medical disorder.

According to Sound Healing expert, Diáne Mandle, Singing Bowls affect a great deal of physical treatment and also have far-reaching impacts on emotional and spiritual stratum. It is a regenerative process coupled with a spiritual awakening that has great consequences on sickness, disease, and the various dimension of our lives.

Mainstream medical teaching facilities such as the University of North Carolina, Duke University, etc have appended schedules that connect body, mind, and spirit for cancer treatment. Today, cancer prevention centers are using sound like an inseparable part for healing with astounding effects.

Dr. Mitchell Gaynor has been applying sound, along with chanting and Tibetan Singing Bowls with cancer patients for many years. Dr. David Simon, Deepak Chopra’s medical director from California center, revealed that the Singing Bowl sound and chanting are biologically undergone complete set of chemical reactions in the cells into ’endogenous opiates’, that work as internal painkillers and healing constituents. It means the healing effect of singing bowl is great.

singing bowl for healing

How Singing Bowls help in the healing 

The disease is unnatural, while health is a natural phenomenon of the body.  The disease is the manifestation of inharmony within the body—a disbalance in the cells or organs. Matters are energy vibration at different rates, where alteration on vibrational rate changes on the structure of matter can be done. Himalayan/Tibetan Singing Bowls sound entrains the brain to proceed into the Theta brain wave frequencies that propel blissful and deep meditative states, intuition and lucidity of mind and  hence healing effect of Singing bowl works on our mental level. Our nervous system gets impacts through sound vibrations, fascinating our relaxation reflex and fending the stress or pain response.

The ’inner critic’, one’s internal dialogue is tranquil Tibetan Singing Bowls sound. Their sound synchronizes brain waves and uplifts the consciousness of the mind-body unity.

Each part of the body has a different soniferous frequency. We get diseased when an organ or other parts of the body vibrates “out of tune” or non-harmoniously. When each cell and each organ resonate in harmony with the whole being it is known as the healthy state of the body.

Singing Bowl healing is based on the concept that all disease is marked out by an impediment to the energy stream in the body. When energy flow is obstructed, the organ or tissue stops vibrating at a sound frequency, so it appears some kind of weakness or illness. The flow of energy in the required parts of the body will be restored and optimized by the sound frequencies created by Himalayan/Tibetan Singing Bowls.