Himalayan Singing Bowl a Detail History

Singing bowl healing also known as Himalayan bowls are the type of bell that produces a refreshing and deep tone when it is played. Himalayan singing bowls are beautifully designed metal bowls decorated with all the hearts.

Why they are so popular is still a big question. Besides all its religious importance, there is a great benefit of singing bowl healing towards human health.

The specialty of Himalayan bowls

The specialty of the bowl is, it was made for singing purposes. It is believed to be discovered around 3000 BC but they were recorded around the 1770s. There is no exact historical evidence of Tibetans having or using a singing bowl but it is assumed to be used for a long period. However, history explains the singing bowls were used as food bowls in Nepal and north India.

What makes Himalayan-singing bowl so precious and beautiful is still a question dancing over people’s minds. The Himalayan-singing bowl is made from seven metals, which are commonly mentioned as gold, copper, silver, mercury, iron, tin, and lead.

Every metal is associated with heavenly bodies. The gold indicates the sun, copper indicates Venus, silver indicates the moon, mercury indicates mercury, iron indicates mars, tin indicates Jupiter and lead indicates Saturn.

Use of Himalayan Singing Bowls

The Himalayan singing bowl is used for mediation, music-making, relaxation, and physical and mental spirituality. The main purpose of the manufacture of this bowl is for singing purposes. However, besides that nowadays it is widely being used for relaxation, pain therapy, generating energy, and reducing stress and anxiety.

It is believed that the singing bowl has a positive effect on the body as it helps to reduce anxiety and stress. The healing sound from the bowl can calm your mind down and make it peaceful. As they are rich in deep tones, they create a peaceful environment.

When the water filled Himalayan singing bowl is rubbed around its edges with a leather-wrapped mallet, it produces a mesmerizing dance of water droplets, which emits hunting and peaceful sound.

The Himalayan-singing bowl produces sound due to the acoustic phenomenon. A sound is produced when the frequency of the bowl reaches a rhythm. Overfilling of water may disturb the chaotic sound so the it should be filled half of its capacity.

There are so many benefits of the Himalayan singing bowl healing. Among all of the benefits, reducing stress and anxiety comes at the top. At this time, so many people are suffering from mental and emotional instability. Therefore, the refreshing deep sound from the singing bowl healing helps to calm the mind by eliminating all the toxins and neutralizing the mind.

Besides this, the Himalayan singing bowl or Tibetan bowl possesses great cultural values. Buddhism regards this as a very valuable item. singing bowl healing can also be used to promote stillness, relaxation, and happiness.

Where we can Find such Singing Bowls

Where can be singing bowl found? To enjoy its deep music, one must reach to it. They are generally seen in stupas or yoga classes. It is also sold in shops, which are particularly made for this type of item. In Nepal, it is found near Bouddha, Swambhunath, and near other stupas. Its price ranges from Rs 1000 – Rs 5000.

All the Himalayan singing bowls are handmade articles on a full moon evening of every month in a year for subtle healing sound and positive vibration so it is also known as full moon singing bowls. Singing bowls have now been very popular all around the world. It is also used for decoration in houses and offices to enhance beauty and to attract people.