How to Choose Singing Bowl? Ideas on Choosing Singing Bowl

Choosing a singing bowl is a very formidable task performed only a few people associated with this realm. How to choose the right singing bowl for a particular purpose is still a debatable topic. To choose the best fit is arduous task for a novice. Here in the article, we will try to reveal some important tips, which can help you on how choose singing bowl for the right purpose.

Singing bowl are popular to practice meditation. However, they are a little costly depending upon their quality and the metals associated with them, but it is a best choice to practice meditation. Each metal associated with singing bowls represents heavenly bodies so they have traditional values associated with them therefore, Buddhism consider them as an important amenities. Singing bowls have healing power and it heals us in physical and mental level

External features of a bowl

If you want to buy a singing bowl then you must be known about its external structure and how to choose singing bowl which gives the nice sound. Spending money in a singing bowl is a kind of investment. Before buying this, one must be familiar with its looks, what work it is not used for, and most importantly its history and importance. Besides that, one must know about quality, size, tone, and shape. They are of different variations and types and each type has a unique specialty.

Types of a singing bowl

There are more than 50 types of a singing bowl. However, most of the shops have a limited number of types that are around 6-8. Singing bowls are at least 100 years old and the research for new types is continuing. Among the various types of a singing bowl, the most genuine singing bowl can be traced in Nepal, Tibet, and Mongolia. Thadobati, Jambati, Naga, Mani, Ultabati, Manipuri, Lingam, Remuna, and crystals are popular types of a singing bowl. To choose singing bowl after knowing its types is not a big issue. You can choose one according to your wish and your budget.

There is a huge difference between old and new verses of a singing bowl. Ancient singing bowls are authentic and are an antique piece with a lot of religious value. Older singing bowls have thin layers of metals in comparison to new singing bowls. However, the most chief point is old verses of singing bowl produce deep and rich sound whereas new verses of singing bowl produce very metallic and sharp sound. This is also very important factor on how to choose singing bowl.

Newer bowls are very powerful and will ring for a long time in comparison to new ones. New singing bowls stand out in comparison to the old version of singing bowls.

Identification of quality of the singing bowl

Next criteria on how to choose singing bowl is to identify the quality of the singing bowl either you must be able to play the bowl or at least identify the sound produced by the bowl. High quality and original bowls produce several tones, overtones with harmonics. The fluttering sound indicates the low quality of the singing bowl. So before buying a singing bowl a person needs to note all these things. Apart from this, high-quality singing bowls are made from the finest metals so they are a little expensive. 


There are so many things to consider before buying a new singing bowl but sound should be the utmost importance. The acoustic phenomenon from the singing bowl produces a relaxing deep sound so this is a paramount thing while you choosing the singing bowl. You should be able to feel the vibrations by the singing bowl to enjoy that.

One Important factor on how to choose singing bowl is the weight of the singing bowl should also be considered. Bowls weighing more than 1.3 kg – 1.4 kg might be difficult to handle or hold while playing. Different types of singing bowls have different sounds and purposes.

Before choosing one, you must know for what purpose, you want that. Whether for meditation, music, or sound therapy. Each type does a specific work. Therefore, before choosing a singing bowl, all illustrated things should be considered before buying.