Types of Singing Bowl

Types of Singing Bowl

Types of Singing Bowl

Singing bowls are the aesthetic handmade singing bowls, which helps for healing physical, mental, and spiritual stability. Some researchers have identified that there are almost 50 types of singing bowl. However, out of these 50 types of antique singing bowls, only seven or eight types of basic singing bowls are popular. Each of the Singing bowls is distinguished by their unique characteristic shape and sound. Each part of the singing bowl is handcrafted and the types of singing bowl are different therefore they can be a little expensive

Some machine-made singing bowls are also emerging out in the market and they are a little cheaper than handmade singing bowls. Some bowls authorities have assigned their names for the singing bowls. Here are some of the major types of singing bowl:

Thadobati Tibetan singing bowls

Thadobati a types singing bowl

They are one of the oldest types of the singing bowl with a mark of dating back to at least 15th century. Thadobati Tibetan singing bowls are numerous and are not that expensive in comparison to other types of the singing bowl. As they are not so expensive, so they are the priority of buyers. However, the quality of the thadobati singing bowl varies considerably.

Thadobati singing bowls are defined as having almost straight high-sided walls with a wide flat bottom. Their diameter is little less than the rim. Walls can both be thick or thin, but they are seldom graduated. Heavy bowls often have wider and thicker lips whereas the lip is usually plain in small and medium type singing bowls. The outer wall of thadobati singing bowls has a decorative fringe of sun motifs arranged as downward-facing triangles. Their price ranges from £50- £750. They weigh around 1.25 kg.

Jambati Tibetan singing bowl

Jambati singing bowl types

Jambati Tibetan singing bowls are the largest and heaviest type of singing bowls. They are arguably the most beautiful bowls. Quite high and gracefully curved walls characterize this beautiful singing bowl. In some jambati singing bowls, the lip is merely the sheared top of the wall and does not turn inward. As they are very large in shape and size, so they need almost 3 or 4 highly skilled craftsmen to make them.

Jambati singing bowls are handcrafted so they always have attractive hammer markings arising from the forging process. Most of the jambati singing bowls are recorded from the 17th century. They have a small flat bottom and a wide plain. Jambati singing bowls are capable to produce very enriching and wonderfully low sound with a long sustain. Medium size of jambati singing bowls can be held into our hands and be played but the larger ones are kind of heavy so they are played by resting the bowl in a mat or a cushion as they can’t be held in our hand.

To play this bowl, one should be very skilled because they are a little complex than other types of the singing bowl. Apart from producing music, a very large type of jambati singing bowl is also used to store grains. Their price varies from £400- £5500. They are usually of 1kg – 6.5kg.

Naga pedestal singing bowls

Naga pedestal singing bowls

Naga pedestal singing bowls are forged into two parts: the bowl itself and a circular metal band upon which the bowl is permanently mounted. The bowl is kind of mounted and cannot stand without the support of the metal band. The lip of the Naga singing bowls are usually plain but maybe grooved on thicker and heavier bowls. Their walls are usually plain. They give a very good response and a sonorous sound when played.

Naga singing bowls are played around its rim rather than struck. They are very easy to play in comparison to other bowls. The notes from Naga bowls are quite often of concert pitch. Its portable size attracts the buyer. This can easily be transported from one place to another with great ease. Naga bowls have a diameter of 5cm – 20 cm and a height of 10cm – 25 cm. Their price ranges from £100- £800.

Mani singing bowls

Mani singing bowls


Mani singing bowls are distinguished by their strong physical presence, a powerful voice that they produce, and a healing sound. They have a unique and unusual sound and their shape and size hardly vary from one type to another. They are heavy flat-bottomed bowls with conical walls with lips wider and inward facing. The sound produced by Mani singing bowls is very distinctive.

The decoration of Mani singing bowls are limited to a grooved lip, small concentric circles, and few bands of incised lines. Their walls are smooth inside and out. Some of the Mani singing bowls can be slow to get going but most of them are easy to play. To add more beauty to these bowls, the walls of Mani bowls are tapped. The diameter of the bowl is around 4-9 inches and the height of the bowl ranges from 2-5 inches. The price of Mani singing bowls is approximately £800.

Lingam Tibetan singing bowl


Lingam Tibetan singing bowl

Lingam Tibetan singing bowls are the rarest of all types of singing bowls. They are one of the oldest types with some dating back to at least 16th century. They are used to produce music and to heal disorders of the body. The lingam Tibetan singing bowls produce a pure type of sound. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes but they usually have a low framed profile. The smallest size of the lingam Tibetan singing bowl is around 4 cm. They are used in ceremonies to welcome mysticism and fortune.

The basic shape of the lingam-singing bowl is very low shallowed with a protrusion in the center of the bowl. They have a bold lip with flat bottom naval. The sound produced from them is very special, sweet, and sonorous. They have massive aesthetic appeal and they are very difficult to find in the market. As they are rare, their price is always rocketed in the market. Their price ranges from £600- £5000. Lingams are always decorated with few decorative lines just below the rim on the outer wall. Few of them have a fountain ability.

The shape and size of the bowls contribute much to the quality and are chosen for attraction. There are so many types of singing bowls but the above-mentioned are the most popular and advanced types of singing bowls.

How To Choose Chakra Set Of Singing Bowls 

How To Choose Chakra Set Of Singing Bowls 


One of the difficult task in the singing bowl is how to choose chakra set of the singing bowl with an exact chakra sound. Which we are going to solve in this article. The human ecosystem is not just about the physical body but something more than that. The human body is a five-layer of existence (Pancha Kosh). Our chakras are part of the etheric body (Pranamaya Kosh).

Chakra set of singing bowls are the group of healing crystals that helps to calm and unblock all the chakras of the human system. At one end, the chakras integrate with our physical body, and at another end; they integrate with our minds and emotions.

where can i buy singing bowl in nepal

Singing bowl chakra set can relax every part of our body. While it natural to become involved with seven chakras, but in the end, we need to realize each singing bowl not only provides only one notes but also often provides multiple harmonics. Here we are listing some tips on how to choose chakra set of singing bowl:

Tips on how to choose chakra set

Choosing a chakra set of a singing bowl can be confusing sometimes. Therefore, here are some tips on how to choose chakra set of singing bowls:

  1. Classify each bowl based on the sound they produce that is low, medium, and high-frequency sound. Pick a bowl considering root, heart, and crown and other chakra bowls.
  2. All the seven chakras of the singing bowl have seven different sounds from root to crown. The sounds of chakra singing bowl c, d,e,f,g, a, and b. Teachers from an ancient time set up singing bowls in a pattern where the intervals between the notes corresponding to the chakras are fifth apart.
  3. While taking training, discuss some time with your teachers on how to choose the pure singing bowl, from where you will get more ideas on how to choose it.
  4. We need to choose the pure a to g sound for a better chakra set. To do it we need to check the chakra set. However, so many apps for checking it may not be 100% accurate so it has better you will choose on your own.
  5. Feel the energy produced by the singing bowls. You will know when you get it “right ” or “perfect”. The right key to choose a singing bowl is to listen and feel, and experience.
  6. When you experience a tone that energizes your physical being than start considering its size. The size of the chakra set singing bowl should be handy. For personal use and Might be big for the training purpose.

  7. Each bowl has a detail page so read the instructions very well and make a choice.
  8. The design of the chakra set singing bowl is an important part to grab attention so consider its design also.
  9. Chakra set of singing bowls comes in a wide variety of shapes and each of them has a different price. On a debate on how to choose a chakra set of the singing bowl, price range plays a great role. Beware of cheap old bowls.
  10. Do not expect the singing bowls to be in pristine condition. They can be made 100’s of years ago and may not be in use. It will certainly show some signs of aging and wear.
  11. Another important point to remember to solve this question: how to choose a chakra set singing bowl is to be clear that for what purpose you want this.

Final Words on How to choose Singing Bowl

Chakra set singing bowls are handmade antiques that offer “delighted treaty”. These bowls sing very easily and produce rich, harmonic, and soothing sound. The sound produced by the chakra set of singing bowls lasts for a long period. When all the bowls of singing bowl chakra set are kept together and played then they produce energetic and stress-free vibrations. But however, in some part, you need to trust the person you buying singing bowl and ask him how to choose the better singing bowl, sometimes they give good clue.

Playing them is not as difficult as choosing one. All the seven-chakra set defines particular chakras of our body. Using a mallet and a cushion, you can easily play the singing bowl. When the mallet is struck into the outer surface of the singing bowl then a rich, powerful sound is produced. You can adjust the frequency and intensity as per your wish.

Chakra sets of the singing bowl are very beneficial. After you got an idea of how to choose, a chakra set of the singing bowl and to play it you can easily be benefited. They are widely used to reduce stress and anxiety, for calming mind and body, meditation purpose, and especially for music generation.

Where Can I Buy Singing Bowl

Where Can I Buy Singing Bowl

Where Can I Buy Singing Bowl In Nepal

are you wondering “where can I buy singing bowl in Nepal?”, no problem, singing bowl in Nepal is here for you. Apart from its traditional values and importance, singing bowl is widely being used for healing purpose. Because of this singing bowl is being very popular among normal people also.

Singing bowl can be use in meditation, for pain therapy, to increase oxygen level in blood and so on. Singing bowl is also used for decoration program. Therefore, because of its great need so many people are after this either for business purpose or for personal use. Using singing bowl for stress relief is increasing and the graph is not likely to fall down.

Singing bowl are much cheaper in Nepal than in other countries. The stuff we will see here are often tourist tat and better quality ones are available cheaper elsewhere.  Though there are so many cheaper quality on sales with a tag of high quality, here singing bowl in Nepal shop sales the best quality with an assurance and in the best-reduced price. Apart from selling singing bowl, singing bowl in Nepal studio also serves singing bowl learning classes, tricks on how to choose right singing bowl, chakra healing and pain therapy.

Quality of singing bowl

It is very difficult to be 100% sure that something is locally made and is of good quality. Singing bowl are generally made up of expensive metals like gold, silver, iron, tin, etc. so  many shops can sell duplicate articles. Here singing bowl in Nepal is known for selling high quality goods in a very reasonable price. Singing bowl in Nepal provide an assurance for our buyers with some special offers.

where can i buy singing bowl in nepal

You can notice that the quality of singing bowl vary enormously from shop to shop and all this creates a confusion. So singing bowl is the best place to choose if you are willing to buy a singing bowl. Shop owners can rinse you in a lie and tell what you want to hear as local artists make them but we sell you singing bowls after giving you all knowledge we have about singing bowls.

Our company provides very authentic singing bowls and of various types and sizes as per your need.  Mostly sell products from our company are normal singing bowl, handmade singing bowl, craving, Machine-made, chakra set, full moon singing bowl, ting Shaw, bell and other spiritual objects. We give you all the necessary information before buying one.

Singing bowl in Nepal is the best place to buy a singing bowl.  Most of the shops do not provide verification or assurance card but we do. We supply everything with a guarantee card. We also show trial to the genuine buyers and explains about various spiritual aspects.

How to buy products of Singing bowl Nepal?

Singing bowl in Nepal is an online-based selling shop so you can buy our products online. We also do worldwide shipping so interested and genuine buyers outside Nepal can buy our products. We have our own website named singingbowlinnepal.com. You can visit there and research your ideal type of singing bowl. We provide very good quality of singing bowl so at least for once you must consider our shop.

More about our shop

our products are hand-hammered, machined, and antique types of singing bowls. We have been providing very good service to our customers and our client satisfaction comes at top. you will find us very friendly to customer and we will try our best to connect with our customers directly. Customer satisfaction and reviews are very important for our business.  Our one and only focus is to serve human mankind.

You can also remember us for singing bowl healing classes, chakra healing and balancing, pain therapy, reducing stress and anxiety and for mediation

Singing Bowl For Ayurveda Therapy

Singing Bowl For Ayurveda Therapy

Singing Bowl For Ayurveda Therapy

The amalgamation of a singing bowl with Ayurveda therapy is the best practice possible. Ayurveda therapy is a system of traditional medicine, which uses a range of treatments, which includes yoga, massage, and herbal medicine to encourage health and wellbeing of a person. Ayurveda is a living style so when adopted brings a wave of general well-being on a person’s life.

The singing bowl is very much conceded for spiritual therapies and the same goes for Ayurveda. Combining both of them will be cherry on top. Singing bowl for Ayurveda therapy is a sound therapy treatment that sends positive vibrations throughout the body, creating pure blessings for mind and soul in Ayurveda treatment.

The combination of soothing sounds from a singing bowl and traditional treatment of Ayurveda therapy makes the best union. When both of them goes on unison, they heal all the body parts, mind and soul of an individual. The Ayurveda singing bowl therapy includes pain therapy, reduction of stress and anxiety, calming mind and soul, and other spiritual activities.

This results in deep relaxation, deep obstructions, and re-harmonize body and mind. The distinctive form of Ayurveda and singing bowl individually was originated for over 5,000 years but their combination for body and mind healing has started a few years ago only. However, this combination is rocking all around because of its good result. In a bid to clear all the confusion regarding its working formulas, we are here to provide you all the necessary information.

The sound healing therapy includes placing a singing bowl with necessary herbs or medicine on the body, which is then played by the therapist to create a deep, and powerful sound. The deep and powerful sound produced from singing bowl touches and gets direct contact with the body and the sensation. The sensation produced on the body helps to remain calm and focuses more on neutralization of mind.

Ayurveda helps to cleanse the body and soul improving the quality of our daily life. According to Ayurveda’s teaching, it is said that the seven chakras of the body must be relaxed and opened from time to time. The best way to do this is with singing bowls. The unbalanced chakras can result in disorders and illnesses. This is where the singing bowl comes into its own: when things are off-balance. As already mentioned singing bowl for Ayurveda therapy will result in the best combination to heal our body. This is the reason why their use should be promoted.

Why its use should be promoted?

 Comparing Ayurveda and natural treatments to new modern treatment, new modern treatments are very expensive in cost than Ayurveda and traditional ways of treating disorders. So singing bowls and Ayurveda are much cheaper than other treatments. Medical treatment ensures just on instant healing but healing bowl for Ayurveda treatment ( mostly healing, massage, and other therapy of Ayurveda) ensures not only healing but that you live a healthy lifestyle.

This therapy is far more superior to other ways of recovering. The effect of Ayurveda and singing bowls on the human body is extreme and can give you long time relief. It cures the cause of the problems more than just focusing symptoms but medical treatments only focus on curing symptoms.


Cleansing the system and mind with the ancient way of treatment on a regular basis activates useful hormones and open up chakras. This all offers a nurturing approach to being healthy. Ayurveda and singing bowl therapist will concentrate on the root of the problems so the disorders will not get back again.

It reduces the risk of diseases and benefits overall health. Ayurveda therapy and music from singing bowl helps to reduce bloating and cures insomnia. So the practice of the traditional way of using a singing bowl in Ayurveda therapy should be promoted more than the modern one.

Singing Bowl For Yoga Therapy

Singing Bowl For Yoga Therapy

Singing Bowl For Yoga Therapy

Nowadays there is a trend of using singing bowl for yoga therapy and meditation which is quite scientific. If we accept a fact that sound is a vibration and directly or indirectly it touches every part of the human physical being then we will understand sound will not only be heard only through ears but also through every cell of our body. The singing bowl is a musical instrument used for healing and meditation purposes by producing deep and rich music. Sound can redress all the imbalances on every level of physiological functioning.

Energy of Sound with yoga will be the easiest and effortless way to cure all the diseases from the bottom. Yoga cures all the diseases from the bottom. It not only cures symptoms but also eliminates the disease from root. The bowl emits quieting, enchanting energy, and yoga with a singing bowl will be very beneficial. It rejuvenates the mind, body, and promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Any type of yoga brings health benefits; yoga therapy involves implementing a variety of yoga practices to improve health conditions or to ease a natural process. Singing bowl therapy and yoga therapy are quite similar to each other so we can use singing bowl for yoga. Healing bowl is one of the yogic tools. Singing bowl enhances the beauty of yoga. Practice of Yoga alone can be very fruitful but the mixture of singing bowl and yoga therapy will be the best.

Why choose a singing bowl for yoga?

Therapeutic yoga with singing bowls is a process for a holistic approach, simultaneously working on body, mind, and soul. It strengthens a different system in the body, including heart, cardiovascular system, nervous system, and muscles. While yoga can alleviate several internal problems like inner disease and singing bowls can help to reduce stress and anxiety also. The traditional way of healing is both a strong and slow process.

Singing bowl for yoga will be a little faster. This is an incremental process, which tends to be a little safer and more effective than more aggressive strategies. Apart from this yoga therapy with singing bowls can lessen the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. All this process is very helpful for increasing the oxygen level in the body and helps to recover faster from any injury.

Since a persistently high level of stress hormones, particularly cortisol can undermine the function of the immune system. Singing bowl for yoga therapy empowers individuals to progress towards improved health and well-being through the application of traditional medicine. Nowadays yoga therapy has become so popular within people that even doctors and high professionals are supporting this. Yoga therapy with singing bowls can help to treat:

 1. Mental conditions

 * Stress

 * Anxiety

 * Depression

 * Eating disorders

 * Post- Natal depression

 2. Physical conditions

 * Back pains

 * Diabetes

 * Cancer

 * HIV

 * Obesity

How does this work?

The rich sound from singing bowl passes through our ears and nourishes whole body system that includes each cell and hormones where yoga is well known for reducing all the physical and mental disease. Therefore, this combination will pass through each cell of the body and makes a person mentally, physically, and spiritually strong.

When the sound enters the body it pleases all the body parts and strengthens them. The strengthening body part has more immunity power and can fight with the disease in a better way.

 Conclusion of the singing bowl for yoga therapy

It is very helpful in the yoga Nidra relaxation process and this combination will help to drive yoga peacefully. There are so many benefits to the traditional way of treating disorders. Although yoga and singing bowls have so much potential it takes a little time to heal. But with a little patience and a lot of strength so many problems can be healed. Studies showed that yoga therapy and singing bowls are very helpful to reduce stress and anxiety issues.

If you are interested to join the singing bowl training and singing bowl healing course, remember us.

Full Moon Singing Bowl for Chakra Cleansing

Full Moon Singing Bowl for Chakra Cleansing

What is Full Moon Singing Bowl

Singing bowls made under full moon each month are generally termed as full moon singing bowl. They are made by enhancing the subtle moon energy for healing vibrations. These exclusive healing sound-producing masterpieces are carefully made with caution for longer use and everlasting powerful sound.

Traditionally, the bowls are made up of seven sacred metals, corresponding to seven planets. Full moon singing bowls have a high demand in the market because of its specialty, as they are hand-made under the full moon. Each bowl includes a slim cushion, which makes the bowl look captivating.

What is a chakra cleansing? Chakra cleansing is a process, which involves using shamanic, breathe work to open up blocked chakras and to remove emotional blockages. In a bid to unblock our chakras, yoga and other spiritual activities are done. Music from the full moon singing bowl is very renowned for opening chakras and calming the whole body and mind.

Sound from full moon singing bowl is very rich and is of deep tone which opens ups all the closed pores and cells of the body. The full moon singing bowl is a very exclusive healing masterpiece. In a human body, there are seven different chakras and in the same way, full moon singing bowls are made up of seven different metals and there are seven different notes.

The music from the full moon singing bowl helps to reduce anxiety and stress. It helps in pain therapy also. The full moon singing bowls are chosen carefully by sound testing to ensure their healing properties. The full moon singing bowls are widely used for chakra cleansing purposes. The singing bowls have a long-lasting tune, which creates a very positive atmosphere and helps you to stay calm.

full moon singing bowl

Full moon Singing bowl and Chakra Set

When your chakras are blocked, you will feel much uninspired or have some emotional blockages. It can also associate with physical, sexual dis-function. Chakra blockage can lead you to experience fear of changes, depression, and other types of addiction. Therefore, it is very important to unblock and cleanse your chakras.

The only easy way to do this is to relax your body and mind with the help of singing bowls. Singing bowls are very well known to unblock and cleanse chakras and calm your mind. There are altogether seven mantras you should recite while playing a full moon singing bowl. These mantras can help you to heal properly and rapidly.

Every seven mantras are related to seven chakras. Energetically and metamorphically, the seven chakras provide us a framework for our personal growth and lifelong maturation process. Therefore, chakra cleansing, balancing, and healing is a necessary part of our everyday growth.


Full moon singing bowls are little different and somewhat expensive than normal singings bowls. The full moon singing bowl sings very easily and produces a very rich and soothing sound that lasts for a long duration. The beautiful sound passes from our ears and touches every cell of the body providing stress-free relaxation.

The use of singing bowls for chakra cleansing started a hundred years ago. Monks have used full moon singing bowls for chakra healing and cleansing purpose for so long. There is a great relationship between singing bowls and chakra cleansing. Cleaning your chakra is very simple but it can be stressful sometimes. Therefore, full moon singing bowls can help a person to open up chakras very easily. The chakras are located in the central channel of energetic spines.

So it can be regarded as the major point for the flow of energy. The chakra is often considered the power canter so it should be exercised on a regular basis. Singing bowls can be the best instrument to practice chakra cleansing.


 Full moon singing bowls are the best and within the budget to open up the chakras pores. Apart from this, music from singing bowls can be soothing and calming.